Escrowed TND (esTND) tokens that are earned through Supplying / Borrowing, staking TND and airdrops can be converted into TND tokens through vesting; this can be accessed on the Earn page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your TND tokens need to be staked in order to vest so do not unstake any TND to vest your esTND as you will burn your multiplier points and cannot get them back once they have been burned.

As it stands currently, the Vesting term for esTND is 182.25 days to realize the full amount of your esTND into TND. The amount of esTND you can vest into TND is determined by the amount of TND, esTND and multiplier points you have staked. For example if the sum of your TND. esTND and multiplier points staked is 100, you will be able to deposit 100 esTND into the vesting vault and have them vest over the 182.25 days duration. There are however a couple of additional options that investors have in order to vest:

  1. Instant Vesting

    1. For instant Vesting, you can convert your esTND into TND at any time at a ratio of 1:10 meaning you can convert 10 esTND into 1 esTND instantly without the need to vest over 182.25 days. When you choose this option, 100% of your esTND is converted into TND, 10% is sent directly to your wallet, 40% is sent to the DAO Treasury, and 50% is burned and removed from the supply making the token deflationary.

  2. Using esTND to vest esTND:

    1. Upon earning esTND, you can choose to stake half your esTND in the esTND vault which will then allow you to stake the other half into the vesting vault in order to fully vest those esTND into TND. Note that through staking esTND you will also be earning more esTND as well as multiplierr points will increase the number of esTND you can vest the longer those tokens are staked.

  3. Hybrid between option 1 and 2:

    1. In this example, say you choose to stake half your esTND and deposit the other half into the vesting vault, at any point in time you can choose to withdraw your esTND from both vaults and instantly vest the left overs into TND. So you can vest for 3 months, earn 25% of your value into TND that way and then instant vest the rest netting you roughly 35% cashed out over a 3 month period etc.

We do plan on releasing an NFT that will also grant users a reduction on the time requred for these tokens to fully vest so keep an eye out for that announcement which will be coming soon!

These terms are subject to change and can be changed at anytime through discussion first and governance vote.

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