You can use deposited assets as collateral to borrow against. The amount you may borrow in relation to your collateral depends on the type of asset being used as collateral. You can find your borrow limit in your dashboard.
Assets and volume available to borrow depends on the liquidity of the supplied asset. If there is no liquidity, you would need to wait for a new user or the platform to supply more, or for a loan to be repaid.

Step 1

Click the asset you wish to borrow:
There must be sufficient liquidity for the asset and you must not have exceeded your borrow limit for you to be able to borrow an asset.

Step 2

Enter the amount you wish to borrow and then hit the “Borrow” button. You will then need to sign a transaction and pay gas fees in your wallet to complete the borrow transaction.
You may also need to enable the asset in your wallet and pay a gas fee before you can complete the transaction.
You can find the amount of your outstanding borrowed assets in your dashboard, along with any remaining borrow limit.