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To supply liquidity to an asset on and begin earning rewards, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1

Connect your wallet to, currently we support Metamask wallets.
You will be required to sign a message in your wallet in order to connect it. This does not cost a transaction fee.

Step 2

Select the asset for which you would like to supply liquidity.
Note that the figures provided alongside each asset indicate the following:
  • Total Supply - Current liquidity provided for this asset
  • Total Borrowed - The amount of this asset currently borrowed
  • Deposit APY - The Annual Percentage Yield earned on deposited assets
  • Borrow APY - The Annual Percentage Yield paid on borrowed assets

Step 3

If necessary, enable the asset in your wallet so that the platform may access and use your wallet balance. This will require signing a transaction and paying a gas fee via your wallet.

Step 4

Next, enter the volume of the asset you wish to provide liquidity for in the pop-up window and click "Deposit".
Note that “Collateral” is always turned on, this means that when you supply an asset to the platform, it will automatically be enabled for use as collateral for borrowing against another asset. You will see your borrow limit update to illustrate the new amount you will be able to borrow after depositing the entered value of the asset. When you are ready, hit the Deposit button. You will then need to confirm transactions and pay gas fees in your wallet to complete the deposit of capital.