🤔Why Tender.fi?

Billions of dollars are locked in crypto assets that cannot be collateralized, including tokens, LPs, vaults, and derivatives. At Tender.fi our mission is to unlock the value of these assets by supporting them as collateral, starting with GMX and GLP.

A Loving Community

As our name suggests, our founding team puts care into everything we do, and engaging our community is no different. Our team is committed to doing everything we can to make our community of DeFi degens feel loved and cherished ♥.

The Tender.fi community is a safe space for degens to share their passions, ideas, and interests. We are dedicated to making our Discord and Telegram channels more than just places to discuss our protocol – we want our users to hang out, have fun, and feel included.

Trustworthy, Public Founders

Far too many protocols with anonymous or otherwise untrustworthy founders end in catastrophe. Our team is fully open and public, and therefore we are heavily incentivized to serve our users as best we can.

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