Tender.fi Tokens ($TND)

The Tender.fi protocol is owned and governed by $TND token holders. Protocol rewards and incentives will be paid in $esTND. As the protocol develops, $TND will impart additional benefits to holders such as improved LTVs, lower borrowing costs and higher deposit rates. You can acquire $TND by using the Tender.fi protocol.

Maximum supply: 10,000,000

A Utility Token With an APY

$TND is inherently a utility token that allows users to increase their leverage ratio on the protocol, participate in governance, earn protocol revenues and join our community. In addition to having functionality, $TND can be staked to generate an APY and secure the depositors against loss. Fees from liquidations will accrue to staked token holders, with higher APYs given to tokens locked for a longer term through our multiplier point system.

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